Welcome To Swift Appearance

Swift Appearance, your auto appearance professionals!

Specializing in paintless dent removal, window tint, wheel repair, headlight restoration, windshield repair/replacement and more!

When the PDR process became a major alternative to costly body shop repairs, Swift saw an opportunity as people were fed up with unrepairable, unsightly dents and dings caused by shopping carts, hail, golf balls and cars parked just a bit too close.

With the advent of PDR, you no longer have to pay hundreds sometimes over one thousand dollars to paint a whole panel for one ding. No more having your car in the body shop for a week to repair that one dent that can detract from your cars beauty and value. Swift Appearance can focus directly on the affected area and have you on your way in a few hours depending on the size and type of dent. And if you have two dents on two panels, your bill at a body shop is incredibly high due to the fact that they have to paint two panels.

Swift Appearance has been located in the High Desert for over 22 years and is a leader in the industry. They service many clients such as major dealerships, insurance companies, body shops, and individuals. Swift Appearance now has a new location open in Victorville if you wish to bring your vehicle in for a free quote today!

Swift Appearance is a family owned and operated dent repair facility.